Shelter Shade Multi-Purpose Tent Wilderness Versatility Convenience Windproof/Rainproof Canopy Tent

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format: Tent body + inner tent

Product Description/Product information


Color Black
weight Basic Set approx. 8kg
product size When set up: W350 x D250 x H150cm When stored: W60 x D20 x H20cm
others Tent size: Single Tent structure: Single layer tent Season: Four seasons Pitching: Required tent space: 1 room Waterproof index of outer tent: 2000mm (inclusive) ~ 3000mm (inclusive)
Waterproof index: 2000mm (inclusive) ~ 3000mm (inclusive)
Frame material: Aluminum Outer tent material: Other materials: 150D plaid fabric Pole diameter: 25mm
Style: shelter tent
Product number IT-004
country of origin China
remarks *Choose a flat location with good drainage to set up.

*In the event of strong winds or bad weather, please immediately stop using the tent and evacuate to a safe location.

*This product is not for permanent installation. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, discoloration and fabric deterioration may occur.
This may cause the seam tape to peel off.

*Items that have exceeded their durability limits may not be repairable due to material deterioration, likely due to the effects of ultraviolet rays.

*Make sure to securely secure with pegs and ropes.

*Please be careful not to get caught on the construction ropes or pegs at your feet.

*Storing wet items may cause mold, strange odors, color transfer to the fabric, deterioration, and stains.
After use, be sure to dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated shade and remove any dirt before storing.